Ubermacht Sentinel GTR [Menyoo] 1.0

Ubermacht Sentinel GTR [Menyoo] 1.0

The Ubermacht Sentinel GTR is a Sentinel XS combined with the ETR1 racecar to form this wide body beauty i do highly recommend downloading Vstancer to make the fitment perfect !
this vehicle doesnt have variations its pretty simple really but there are 3 light setups.

-Blue foglights (always on)
-Yellow Brights
-Blue runing lights

you better be a good driver to drive this car as its super fast and the torque was multipled by 3 times the original so have fun running into walls!

GTA V\menyooStuff\Vehicle

If there are bugs of some sort please comment your concerns on the comments, thank you !
this is XML file therefore you will need to put it in your menyoo stuff folder under vehicles.
The rims an tires are not part of this file!

these cars are also in game files and are just simply attachments of different cars and obects so they will be in your database!

known bugs: the game may crash sometimes due to the attachments



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