Improved Vulcar Warrener [Replace] V2.0

Improved Vulcar Warrener [Replace] 1.5

The legendary Swedish four door sedan. All the boxy design of a 1980s Vulcar, with none of the reliability. For lovers of tight jeans, micro breweries, and 70s cop shows.

This mod changes the Warrener to make it look more like something you’d see on American roads – sporting un-bent license plates, a new rear fascia with reverse lights, new mirrors, a new set of wheels and a new engine bay. The modkit has also been changed – adding back the vanilla bits and allowing for more tuning flexibility. The tuning ID used for the vehicle is 675 and will not work properly if another vehicle uses this ID.

For the base car:
– New wheels – provided by RooST4R.
– New mirrors – taken from Fagaloa’s tuning parts pool.
– Removed the headlight glass cover, since those were banned on American spec cars until the early 80’s.
– New license plates from the Elegy.
– Moved the rear license plate to the rear bumper.
– Reworked rear fascia, reverse lights added, and the weirdly proportioned plate holder removed.
– Increased the size of the rear bumper to stay consistent with the front bumper’s size.
– Removed the engine strut.

For the modkit:
– Added back the vanilla mirrors, the glass headlight covers, the bumpers with the bent license plate and the engine strut.
– Added options to remove the license plate or the entire bumper, for both front and rear bumpers
– Split the bumper mods into two category: Bumpers and Splitters, which can now be applied separately.
– Moved down the Titanium and Race exhausts to fit the bigger rear bumper.
– New headlight option – Taped Headlights from the Tampa Drift.
– New mirror option – Painted Mirrors, taken from the Fagaloa
– Moved the intercooler from the Grill category into its own category – Engine Details.
– “Roll Cage and Chassis Upgrade” roll-cage and seat mods now split into Rollcage and Seat categories, respectively.
– Reworked normals and new engine bay by XanaBax (formerly M4K3).
– Tuning parts from the Warrener HRK.


– Rockstar Games – Original model
– TheF3nt0n, Bondergomme and XanaBax – Model edits
– RooST4R – Wheels
– Sealyx – Screenshots

Download mod

File File size
zip Improved Vulcar Warrener 21 MB

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