San Andreas State Park Ranger Pack [Add-On / Replace | Sounds | Cargens] 1.7

San Andreas State Park Ranger Pack [Add-On / Replace | Sounds | Cargens] 1.6a

“Southern San Andreas is Famous for it’s natural beauty, parks and trails, but also the crazy redneck drug dealers, insane boomer cultists and an out of control mountain lion population. So after the disappearance of too many hikers, the San Andreas State Parks got a massive budget increase, so enjoy the Police-State in the middle of nowhere”

I present my latest pack, that I good too carried away with. Includes a many SASP park ranger vehicles and a maintenance trucks as well. Parts of the sister pack from another Park ranger pack by 11john11 merged into this (all vehicles starting with park- was started by him). Also includes new reworked Ranger Stations, one at Senora, the Small Raton hut and of course beaver bush in Vinewood Hills. New EUP motocross gear also added. Enjoy!

Siren ID: 292 to 301. Please download the siren setting limit adjuster to avoid ID conflicts: Siren Setting Limit Adjuster

Go to: Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
Drag and drop the bravopranger folder.
Go to: Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
Open dlclist.xml
Add the following line between

Car generators (will make all vehicles in the dlc spawn)

same steps as before, and add dlcpacks:/bravoprangergen/ on dlclist

For this to work, make sure you have a custom gameconfig like the one from F7YO or WoV

Spawn list:

Main Pack (Vehicles that are analogous to important CASP vehicles):
Prangeryo: Yosemite full cab with lore LX lightbar
Prangeryo2: Yosemite SWB with lore liberty lightbar
Prangerlr: Normal patrol Landroamer
Prangerlr2: Offroad Slicktop Landroamer
Prangerstalker: Landstalker SWB
Prangeral: Alamo
Prangerme: Mesa SWB
Prangerbi: Bison
Prangersd: Sadler SWB
Prangertor: Torrence
Prangerstanier: Stanier (wow)
Prangersct: Scout
Proutlaw: Outlaw ATV
Prangercara: Caracara
Prangereveron: Everon
Prangerverus: Verus ATV
Parkbf400: BF400

Retro (Vehicles from the 90’s and early 2000’s):
Prangerstanier2: Early 00’s Stanier (double wow)
Prangerpat: Patriot Classic
Prangersm: Seminole
Prangerlrold: Early 00’s Landroamer
Prangerplane: Mammatus
Saspsteed: Steed
Prangerbi2: Glenn base bison (not that retro but equipment on it was based on older rams)

K9 (Doggo cars):
Prangeryok9: Yosemite K9
Prangerlrk9: K9 Landroamer
Prangeralk9: K9 offroad Alamo

Creative freedom vehicles (Cars without a CASP equivalent):
Prangerfc: Freecrawler
Prangerri: Riata
Prangerheli: Super Volito
Prangerpred: Predator Boat
Parkstalker: Landstalker LX
Parkbjxl: BJXL

Replace (Replaces the original car):
Pranger: Granger

Park Maintenace, utility and research (Non-Ranger vehicles, used for cargenerators to make the parks more alive):
Sasputil: Maintenance 550ss
Saspevutil: Everon Utility
Saspyoutil: Yosemity Utility
Saspskutil: Landscaper’s Sandking

The reason for all these subpacks is that if you wish to reduce the mod size, you can safely delete the .rpf and .metas they are contained (all are clearly labled). (for example, if you wish to use fenton’s granger as a replace, just go to: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\bravopranger\dlc.rpf\x64 and Delete vehiclesreplace.rpf. Then go to: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\bravopranger\dlc.rpf\common and delete carvariations_replace.meta. Then go into content.xml and delete the labeled lines (in green comments), on both and that correspond to that .rpf you are dissabling. Same can be done to any other subpack.

Known issue: Mamatus has a colision bug in the middle of the wing, zmod erased all the defined options on that COL, sad.


Rockstar for stuff
Bravo-1-Charlie: Improved Riata, Everon, Landstalker SWB, Boxtrax trunk drawers, MDC, various model tweaks and edits. new alamo/granger headlights, soundbank assembly, New Ranger Stations..
Jacobmaate: LX2100 lightbar edited by me, older Stanier wheels
W/ slicktop modules, short sandking, caracara, swb sadler, magic rotators with emissives, Vista LIghtbar, rear halogen TA, older stanier grille lights, Everon truck bed
Ilayarye: alamo, yosemite, landroamer, sadler lights, vector lightbar
dani02 and GCT: 550ss
dani02, thundersmacker: Bison XL, mapped by RIME
glennoconnell: Seminole rear lights, Bison
Nacho: Landstalker LX base edits, liberty lightbar, ta, cages, roof spotlight, base livery for predator, PSS computer texture
actuallytoxic: stanier door trim, pillar spotlights, tweaks to sadler, alamo parts
ltcaine: base model granger, tweaked by me
bob332: swb mesa, mapped by maate
AlexanderLB: SASP decals, various textures for the police equipments
ydrop: Landroamer wheels (road version), tweaked by actuallytoxic
11john11: stanier wheels, everon wheels, mesa rims, antennas, livery base, BF400, base for the Alamo, BJXL, Landstalker XL, tweak to vector lightbar, carcol base.
fenton: Patriot, supervolito, mapped seminole, mapped BJXL
Aquamenti: mapped predator
Voit: leds
Allen: Torrence
Alex Ashfold: SASP door star, EUP base for the motocross gear.
GCT, Dani02, jacobmaate, ilayarye, vx5 voltage: Scout
Fenton, M4K3, GCT: Steed
Dusty Flop: window bars
Beastlybill and frstresponder: some screenshots

Download mod

File File size
rar SASP v1.7 196 MB

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