The LSSD Security Add-On Pack V1.0

The LSSD Security Add-On Pack V1.0

This Add-On DLC Pack contains 2 vehicles, featuring high quality lore-friendly assets, as well as 7 EUP textures for the latest EUP & SUP 9.5/8.5.
There is 1 Vapid Stanier, and 1 Vapid Torrence. There are also optional Vanilla Style Liveries.
To install, simply drop the LSSDSec DLC Pack into your dlcpacks folder, and add LSSDSec to your dlclist.xml. The EUP textures contain their own install instructions.


Toxic – Radio, Siren Controller, Console, Base Models, Spotlights, Partition, LSSD Realism Seal, Computer
DustyFlop – Trunk Gear
JacobMaate – Lightbar, Spotlights
11john11 – Antennas

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zip Argg LSSD Security 16 MB

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