Toyota MR-S [Add-On | Tuning | Animated roof | LODS | Template ] 1.0

Toyota MR-S [Add-On | Tuning | Animated roof | LODS | Template ] 1.0

The third generation of the MR-2 which wasn’t that popular at it’s time despite being a killer combination of a mid engined RWD car and affordability
Fits GTA-5 atmosphere perfectly

– All main game features
– 80-plus tuning parts
– Animated soft-top

The soft top doesn’t look as the original car in it’s closed position (can’t edit the original animations and there is no car of that size with a soft top in the game)
Also, when you edit the Handling, keep the SuspensionBiasFront and TractionBiasFront close to the ones provided since i had to move the car back a bit to fit the soft top animation.
other than that, no known bugs!


Original model: Forza 4, Juiced 2
Author: Wanted188
Special thanks to @CyberdyneSystems for helping me with the animated roof

Download mod

File File size
7z Toyota MR-S ZZW30 by Wanted188 31 MB

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