Vanilla Emergency Vehicle Tweaks Pack (VEVT) [Replace | OIV | Sounds | Handling] V1.0

Vanilla Emergency Vehicle Tweaks Pack (VEVT) [Replace | OIV | Sounds | Handling] V1.0

This mod will take most of the vanilla emergency vehicle models and attempt to address many of their issues and oversights that were left over by Rockstar Games when they were being ported from the original Xbox 360/PS3 release to the current PC version of GTA V. It also serves as a standalone dlcpack that will keep the default vehicles from the “Emergency” category in one easy and accessible place, rather than having multiple vehicles scattered across many different patchday and dlc archives.

The original designs for emergency services of Los Santos and Blaine County aren’t entirely awful, however it has become quite clear that there was a lack of polish and general quality consistency made by Rockstar when creating the current gen versions of their respective vehicle models. Many of the vehicles have quite noticeable UV mapping errors, LOD (Level Of Detail) model issues, and even those that are meant to be the exact same vehicle can have a radical difference in their models actual polygonal quality (For example, the LSPD Police Cruiser has much lower poly body parts compared to its Sheriff and Unmarked Cruiser counterparts, the same issue applies between most variants of the Declasse Granger SUV)

This mod aims to address all of those issues and more, to make all the default emergency vehicles feel more complete and consistent in quality between each other! Changes made are meant to be subtle, so don’t think of these as massive, absolutely perfect overhauls of each individual vehicle, but rather just some small quality of life tweaks and enhancements to make using the vanilla style EV’s a bit more tolerable.

The mod will also introduce higher quality versions of livery textures on vehicles that didn’t get enhanced or up-scaled versions by Rockstar originally (Police unit numbers, Park Ranger livery etc) All recreated to match the vanilla designs by Rockstar, while still being optimized and file size friendly. Additionally, I have also went ahead and fixed bugs that were present with carcols.ymt file sirensettings data, things like incorrect corona colours, sequencer value errors/oddities, adding environmental lighting, as well as bringing back some sirens that were present in the old-gen versions of GTA V.

Alongside this, thanks to some special model edits, all vehicles that have sirens with flashing LED light textures will now be much more visible during daytime hours, and more vibrant at nighttime. Works with vanilla GTA V graphics, no need for graphics related file to be edited! Finally, I’ve also included model/texture variations and other misc files as “Optionals” These are some ideas I didn’t want to make part of the main mod itself, but felt some people might enjoy more than just the pure vanilla Rockstar Games vehicles with some aforementioned tweaks and fixes.

– Multiple fixes, tweaks, and adjustments made to most of the vanilla emergency vehicle models by Rockstar Games
– No out of place equipment or assets! Everything is designed to be as true to vanilla, or to fit in with vanilla, GTA V’s style and to be as lore friendly as possible
– Enhancements and additions across all models, including more interior extra props and equipment details to improve the work of emergency services across Los Santos and Blaine County!
– Improvements and optimizations made to textures, such as higher quality liveries on vehicles that didn’t get an upscale by Rockstar Games originally
– Adjustments to the carcols.ymt for siren lights, aims to fix some errors and oversights left by Rockstar, including flash pattern corrections and added environmental lighting!
– Brighter LED sirens visibility across all vehicles that use them. All model based! No more editing graphics related files to have brighter sirens
– All default GTA V emergency vehicle slot models unified into one easy to manage dlcpack!
– .OIV Package for easy, hassle-free, installation! (A manual installation for those who prefer that method is also included)
– Customizable! Many optional models, textures, and misc files that will bring back some aspects of the vehicles that were seen on old-gen/beta versions of GTA V, alongside some more optional alternatives to choose from!

VEVT is the first pack in a series of mods designed to improve and enhance GTA V’s vanilla law enforcement system, but still being true to Rockstar Game’s lore and original intended ideas. So stay tuned and be sure to follow my 5-Mods page for future mods and updates from this series!

Looking for some better, expanded vanilla sirens audio? Then check out this fantastic mod by MonkyPolice188, fully compatible with VEVT Pack!

Installation Instructions and a full detailed changelog are provided within the “Readme” files included, Please read through them carefully!


– Rockstar Games – Original Vehicle Textures

– Vx5 Voltage – Texture Improvements and Enhancements

– TheSecretPower – HQ Los Santos County Seal, HQ Prison Bus Livery, FIB Warrant Card Badge

– AlexanderLB – HQ SA Parks Ranger Seals

– Rockstar Games – Original Vehicle Models, Interior Prop Models

– Vx5 Voltage – Multiple Model Adjustments and Tweaks, IV ProTech Toughbook Model

– Voit Turyv – Improved Bravado Buffalo Parts

– Nachtfliege – Improved Police Cruiser (Vapid Interceptor) Pushbar and Spotlight

– 11John11 – Improved Police Cruiser (2nd Gen Stanier) Body Parts, Dash Cam

– MonkyPolice188 – GTA IV Style MTL Fire Truck Front Grille, Brute Ambulance Rear Box Interior

– Vx5 Voltage – Vehicles.meta, Carvariations.meta, Carcols.ymt, Handling.meta Tweaks, .OIV Package Install

– W/ – Audio Soundbank/Data Tweaks

– Crunchycat, 11John11, Vx5 Voltage – Screenshots

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