Acadia Police Pack [Addon, DLS, EUP, SSLA 2] V1.0

Acadia Police Pack [Addon, DLS, EUP, SSLA 2] V1.0

Wicked, noisy, grim, and gray. Acadia is often described as a poor place to live, and with rumors of vigilantes on the rise, civilians can hardly trust the police and their “Engagement Strategy”. So why don’t you don that ill-fitting uniform and grab those keys to a mistreated patrol car and try to make a difference yourself. Or, if you prefer, sit back and watch the chaos.

This mod is aimed to be a semi-accurate, lore-friendly depiction of the Chicago Police Department. Not all setups are 1-1, however a good deal of time went into figuring out setups and making them look nice.



Without these you may experience game crashes or glitched lights.


Dynamic Lighting System
EUP Menu

The spawn codes for the included vehicles are as follows –

apdstan – Patrol Stanier
apdalamo – Patrol Alamo
apdint – Vapid Interceptor
apdscout – Patrol Scout (old)
apdscout2 – Patrol Scout (new)


SCOUT II -=-=-
Rockstar Games – Original Car Model, Textures, and Vehicle Parts
GCT – NFS:MW Model Conversion to GTA IV
Dani02 – Conversion to GTA V, Glass Shards
Vx5 Voltage – Improvements
11john11, llayArye – Mapped Vapid Scout
actuallyTOXIC – Size correction, front and rear end edits, LODs, post-Nacho model fixes, post-Maate improvements
11john11 – Door locks and rear window wiper
AllenKennedy – Ford Interceptor-style rims
Nacho – Increasing poly count, improving poly flow, normals fixes, bug fixes
Jacobmaate – Dash remodel, exterior improvements, new template, post-Nacho model fixes
Doutis – Taillight edits

Interceptor -=-=-
Rockstar Games – Original Vehicle Textures, Original POLICE3 Model
Allen – Exterior Edits, Template
Vx5 Voltage – Model Fixes, Interior Overhaul, Improved Textures
actuallyTOXIC – Front Bumper, Dash Tweaks, Police Interceptor-Style Dash Cut
MrNineDegree – Minor Dash Tweaks

SCOUT -=-=-
Rockstar Games – Original Car Model, Textures, and Vehicle Parts
GCT – NFS:MW Model Conversion to GTA IV
Dani02 – Conversion to GTA V
Vx5 Voltage – Improvements
Allen – Police-style rims
Nacho – Upscaling poly count, model improvements
Jacobmaate – New dash fitted to model, model improvements
actuallyTOXIC – Rescaling model size, various edits, new template

ALAMO -=-=-
Rockstar Games – Original Vehicle.
GCT – Short Granger model
IlayArye – Vehicle model, UV mapping, creation of original template
Eddlm – Custom handling
actuallyTOXIC – Conversion to PPV, front end model edits, new template
Jacobmaate – Trunk edits
Glenn O’Connell – Parts for trunk edits and taillight setup
Allen – A true legend for getting trailers to work <3 Bozza - Front bumper light covers, rear seat edits, taillight replace bravo-1-charlie - New headlightsSTANIER -=-=- Rockstar Games - Base Assets Jacobmaate - Model improvements, fixes, 09-11 steel rims actuallyTOXIC - Model improvements, model light edits, paintable interior, mapping, rim edits, Vx5 Voltage - Paintable interior texturesVehicle Assets -=-=- actuallyTOXIC - Consoles, Spotlights, Trojan MDT, antennas, siren controllers, radios, ONO Advantage Jacobmaate - Interior partition, interior dome light, lore-friendly 21tr lightbar, trunk cargo box, original federal plates Redtail - SoundOff NForce, SoundOff modules Sethy1124 - SoundOff Intersectors, SoundOff NForce edits Doutis - antennas OfficerFailz - Chicago Police beat tag, Code 3 XT4Peds/EUP -=-=- EUP Team - original assets OfficerFailz - Custom vest and beltMisc./2D assets -=-=- OfficerFailz - Meta editing, DLS configs, EUP textures, EUP menu presets, 2D assets, mod compilation, liveries SuperStumpje - liveries

Download mod

FileFile size
rar AFAPD117 MB

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