Real gun stats (fire rate, damage, magazine) 0.4

Real gun stats (fire rate, damage, magazine) 0.1

Arent you tired of those weapon fire rates? Damage? And other stats? I have a solution.
This mod is editing your weapons

– Fire rate
– Damage
– Magazine size

I tried to make stats as real weapons.
Im developing it alone. More features will come in future like range etc.

Installation is in Readme.txt
In that you will find which guns are included.
If you want any weapon script just write me on discord 31M#5947.

Weapons –
Assault rifle – AK (Luxe – RPK)
Carbine rifle – M4
Pistol – Beretta
Combat pistol – Glock (Luxe – USP)
Vintage pistol – Five-seveN
Heavy pistol – 1911
Pistol50 – Deagle
Appistol – Glock 18C (Luxe – APS)
Assault SMG – P90
Compact rifle – AK74M or vz58
Assault rifle mk2 – AK400 (Mags – AK12, AK15, AK19)
Carbine rifle mk2 – Galil (buggy – alpha)
Pistol mk2 – P226
SMG mk2 – UMP (mags – UMP45 (soon UMP40 and UMP9)
Bullpup rifle – Famas
Special carbine – G36
Micro smg – MP9 (Luxe – Mac-10)

More to come –
(I will make a pack with icons, stats and names)

Sounds that i am using: Realistic Weapons Sounds


MaxmanTV31 (31M)

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