Realistic Weapons Sounds | SP & FiveM V5.3

Realistic Weapons Sounds [SP & FiveM support] 4.6

Hi. I had the idea of collecting more realistic sounds for weapons. My goal is to secure the shootings of the game to those of the real life to get a greater immersion during the shootouts in Los Santos. I’ve extracted sounds from gunshots from games like Far Cry 4, Battlefield 4 and real weapons sound plus I’ve extracted sounds from distant shots of movies like Heat (1995).
The objective of my mod is to obtain the sound immersion of the scene of the robbery of the bank and shootout with the LA police that appears in the film Heat (1995). I attach the video of this scene which is a work of art of the cinema

Also, I wanted to improve the sounds of explosions to deliver an experience similar to an urban combat.


-Best Realistic Shooting Sounds in First Person
-New sounds for explosions.
-More realistic sounds of bullet impacts
-Improved sound from distance shots
-Real Weapons Sounds
-New sounds for weapon reloadings


-New sounds for vehicles, impacts and other sounds.


NaturalV Remastered
Ambient FX
Improved Spotlight and LED


***There are 2 versions:
-RSE5.2: Normal installation
-RSE5.2 (Sound_Only): Mod compatibility, Sound only, no meta files

-OIV Package Installation
-Run OpenIV > Tools > Package Installer
-Install On Mods Folder Option


MvcGyver, TheMonotoneScone, XYZ_Gaming

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  1. I’ve tried several times but I still don’t understand where I have to put the files to be able to play FiveM…

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