Kalashnikov Concern Komrad 12 [Replace | Animated] V1.0

Kalashnikov Concern Komrad 12

This compact, 12 gauge semi-automatic, smoothbore firearm is based on the Russian Saiga series. It is fitted with rails to allow for attachments which makes this a modular semi-automatic shotgun.

Optimized textures for smooth gameplay (ytd not exceeding 10MB, won’t be causing texture loss)
Working vanilla attachments
Fully animated
Custom extended magazine model

Replaces the heavy shotgun


Drag and drop the ydrs and ytds to

Drag and drop the meta to
(Quick install)

For manual install of the meta, read the txt

I highly recommend using a “mods” folder to have a backup of original game files
(more info here: openiv)


Model and textures by Danya
Extended magazine model and textures from PUBG by Krafton

Download mod

FileFile size
rar komrad15 MB

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