[PUBG] Kalashnikov Concern Saiga-12K [Replace | Animated] 1.0

[PUBG] Kalashnikov Concern Saiga-12K [Replace | Animated] 1.0

Developed at IZHMASH in the beginning of 1990, Saiga copies the construction of AK-47 assault rifle, scaled up to accept shotgun ammunition. The Saiga-12K is a variant with folding stock and standard pistol grip intended for military or police use.

Optimized textures for smooth gameplay (ytd not exceeding 10MB, won’t be causing texture loss)
Fully animated
Custom extended magazine model

Replaces the heavy shotgun


Drag and drop the ydrs and ytds to

Drag and drop the meta to

I highly recommend using a “mods” folder to have a backup of original game files
(more info here: http://openiv.com/?p=1132)


Model and textures from PUBG by Krafton

Download mod

FileFile size
rar s12k7 MB

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