Battlefield 4 Barrett M82A3 [Animated] 1.5

Battlefield 4 Barrett M82A3 [Animated] 1.5

Barrett M82A3, Original model are come from Battlefield 4, my friend find it for me.

In future, I will make more scope fore this sniper (these are gonna replace with gta5 sniper scope), and i’m pretty sure these scope are NOT gonna fit for other sniper rifle.

Ver 1.1 :
1) Independent rifle and scope (old version, ‘rifle with scope’ and ‘invisible scope’ are still exist)
Ver 1.2:
1) Left side magazine glitches has been fixed
Ver 1.3:
1) Add 2 more scope
Ver 1.5:
1) Higher rail, makes it more close to real m82a3, also fit for GTA5 scope model (maybe too high…cause i want it to fit with GTA5 scope model )
2) Two version of model, folded and opened bipod
3) Add normal and spec texture for rifle

Ps: Cause Script Hook V is still not update yet, i couldn’t get in game, so i didn’t up date picture .


March Rain

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FileFile size
rar BF4 Barrett M82A324 MB

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