Procopio International Airport 2.0

Procopio International Airport 2.0

This map add a new International Airport at Procopio Beach (top North of the map). I was surprised by the excess large number of props so i cant finish
the project as i want (barriers on the 2 bridges are missing and most of the buildings are only textures, so there is no collisions) However, the runeway is completely functional.

2.0: Add loading marker (you dont need to go in an exact location)

air.xml ==> 1752 objects, 60 vehicles, 68 peds, 6 markers

To avoid bug, please delete your IvalidObjects.ini (if you got it) of your GTAV/scripts folder

Install the LAST Map Editor by Guadmaz
Click here to download
Copy gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi in your GTAV main folder (If you got menyoo installed, you don’t need gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi)
Copy air.xml to your GTA main folder.
Press F7 to open Map Editor, select “load map”, “file chooser”, and load the file “air.xml”
Have fun 🙂

If your vehicle turns around, you can get through the ground



Download mod

File File size
rar ProcopioINTL 16 MB

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