Escalera Rent-A-Car (Menyoo Vehicles) 1.1

Escalera Rent-A-Car (Menyoo Vehicles) 1.1

Install instructions for: Escalera Rent-A-Car (Menyoo Vehicles) by SoCalSai

This is my second mod – a menyoo file which is a scenario with parked cars, using only vanilla/dlc cars, and no add-on/modded vehicles. This is to ensure maximum compatibility with any level of modded or vanilla copy of GTA V. This will bring some life to the LSIA area at the Escalera Rent-A-Car lot.

Location: The agency’s pick up center is located in the Los Santos International Airport district, near the LSIA Parking underground station entrance. (see screenshots)

Instructions included below and in Zip file

Latest version of Menyoo by Mafins
Latest version of Simple Trainer by sjaak327
Latest DLC & Patch (mpsecurity and patchdayg9ecng)

Highly Recommended Mods:
Modified Gameconfig
Packfile Limit Adjuster

Steps for install Path/Location for the .xml file
1: Install Menyoo if not already installed
2: Install Simple Trainer if not already installed
3: Place .xml into the follwing path [Your GTA V folder] > menyooStuff > Spooner >
4: Load game > Open Menyoo > Object Spooner menu > Managed Saved Files > select and load “Escalera 1.xml”
5: Enjoy



Download mod

File File size
zip Escalera Rent A Car Menyoo v1.1 8 KB

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