Tataviam International Airport 2.0

Tataviam International Airport 2.0

This map add an airport at the foot of mount Tataviam (you can choose different textures color) which includes 2 landing strip. The main, very long and large (more than those of LSIA)
allows you to take off, land and park the biggers planes of the game (cargo plane, A380, AN-225…) without problems. (the place at gate 10 has a capacity for a 747 max)
The second, which goes under the main, is for smaller planes (727 max).
There is lot of roads to access to the different terminals, parkings, car rental, public park… and lots of marker to go quickly at the different gates, top of towers and Pegasus hangar.
I also had fun to place 15 jumps disguised as road work, dumpster, stairs..

There is a strange bug with all the planes of the map spawn with Menyoo. The engine doesn’t start when you go inside. It is not very annoying, just use a trainer to fix the plane and that’s good
The map cover a large area and i wanted to add a maximum of details, so the game did not allow me to add peds or traffic without causing game crash or textures bug,
it makes the place a bit empty, i’m sorry for that… But i think there is enought stuff to have fun, that’s the most important thing 🙂
The White textures version of the map is really too bright by night.
Don’t forget to change draw distance to 3000 in mapeditor options !!

*ScriptHook V
*ScriptHook V .NET
*Menyoo PC
*Map Editor
*Custom Props Add-On
*Redux mod (recommended but not required) for better advertising etc.. (I’ve made the map with this one installed)

Files detail:
0 pickup, 22 markers, 0 world, 1996 props, 57 vehicles, 1 peds

==> A Good config is recommended

Thanks to:
* Mods used
– MAFINS For Menyoo PC
– Guadmaz For Map Editor
– Shaezbreizh For Custom Props Add-On

* Planes in the screenshots
– SkylineGTRFreak For his work on the Antonov AN-225 Mriya
– TheSigui, SkylineGTRFreak and Bushiido444 For their work on the Boeing 727-200

* Tataviam presentation screen
– TheSigui



Download mod

File File size
7z Tataviam International 1 MB

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