DC Marvel Heroes Voice Pack Bundle (DLC) V1.4

DC Marvel Heroes Voice Pack Bundle (DLC) V1.4

This File contains a large selection of Voice sound packs, for 13 individual Super Heroes from both DC comics & Marvel comics. I’ve compiled them from the best sources I could possibly find, with a high degree of fidelity & crisp clear audio output!

How this works
– Simply copy & paste drop your chosen files from the download into your “Voice Player” sub-folder, that’s within your “Script” Folder. Afterwards proceed to RENAME the dropped character folder to mach the exact “Ped” name your game playing with.
After loading up GTAV game, change your player model to the model you’ve assigned and press the voice button (default: E on keyboard, Dpad-Right on gamepad).


GTAV directory > /scripts folder > /voice player folder > /(specific Ped Character name)

An example would be, if “ThorIW” is the Ped name that displays for your chosen Thor character during game play, then make sure this is the exact typed out name used on your voice character folder, within the general “Voice Player” Folder of your Script directory.


Voice Player 1.0.0 by author “stillhere”

For the Bonus Theme Track music, you’ll need the following Mod below:
Free Music” – by nabeghe
No Wanted Music Mod 1.1 – by CamxxCore


All credit goes out to the original audio sound makers & up-loaders on Youtube!
I simply only made minor adjustments & amplitude changes to accommodate suitably with GTA V voice script..

Smite Voice lines – Zeus
Reverse Flash- by Joshua Minnich
MCU: All J.A.R.V.I.S. Lines (Reupload)- by Shadow Prime 9
Animated Voice Comparison- Nightwing (Batman)
Animated Voice Comparison- Batgirl (Batman)
Animated Voice Comparison- Kid Flash (Flash)
& etc….



Download mod

File File size
rar DCMarvel Heroes Voice Pack Bundle + Bonuses 268 MB

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