Arkham Asylum Justice Lord Batman (Cloth Physics)

Arkham Asylum Justice Lord Batman (Cloth Physics)

Other than Batman beyond this is my favorite alternate version of batman! Making this mod took a really long time but it is done! I had to redo the cloth multiple times but I was able to add better collisions to prevent the cloth from going into the back. I will be updating my previous peds with cloth physics to fix the same issue. The model was posted by Jckspacy on Deviantart. I changed the color of the gray to make it darker to look more like in the show. If you use my peds in your cinematic videos post the video here because I would like to see them!

Fully rigged
Cloth physics
Emissive eyes
Compatible with the Batman script by JulioNIB

Use addon peds to use this skin.

Or replace it with a ped that you want, just rename example: ig bankman.



Download mod

File File size
zip JusticeLordBatman 11 MB

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