N*A*R*C*O*S by Phyvolt V1.0.1

N*A*R*C*O*S by Phyvolt V1.0.1

Drug cartels have flooded into the US and Los Santos is on the brink. With federal agents stretched thin, LSPD must face this threat alone. This action-packed call outs pack puts you in the middle of the fight against powerful drug cartels wreaking havoc on Los Santos.

This fight is not for the faint of heart.

Unique callout features

Dynamic World: If you fail a callout, the cartel gets stronger and future callouts are harder
Persistent Difficulty: The cartel’s power carries over from your previous LSPDFR session


Drug Deal: An individual has been reported handing out suspicious packages
Drug Seize: Assistance is required in a traffic stop suspected to involve narcotics
Drug Bust: Officers believe drugs are stashed in the area, investigation is required
Drug Shipment: A shipment is refusing inspection and a customs officer needs assistance

Future Callouts

Turf War: Two rival cartels have started a territory war and must be stopped
Drug Kingpin: A leader of a prominent cartel has been spotted in Los Santos
Drug Cleanup: City officials have ordered LSPD to clean the area of addicts ahead of an event


StopThePed by Bejoljo
RageNativeUI by alexguirre
UltimateBackup by Bejoljo

Copy the contents of “PLACE_IN_GAME_FOLDER” into your GTA V directory



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