Dogfight: Warfare Mod & Moving Carrier, Elevators, Catapults, Deflectors. 25.1

Dogfight: War Mod & Drivable Carrier with Working Elevators 3.0.1


All controlled by NPC with their scenarios specific to the class of vehicle.
Both player and NPC, planes take-off, and landing, bombers drop bombs.
You can spawn in a cargo plane or helicopter and drop in the vehicle from the cargo bay with a parachute or walk inside the cargo bay while the aircraft is on autopilot.
Radar shows active missiles, all tanks, helicopters, and planes.
There are NPC who support the player and play against the other NPC.
IR flares divert and cause missiles to explode
Bomber mode with four different bomb types and three camera modes
Afterburners on all jets player and NPC
Fire extinguishing on the engine
You can refuel jet in flight.
All weapons range increased
Vehicles can sustain more damage.
All cars have a parachute.

Carrier features:

Carrier and support ships have air defense
You can operate its elevators, bay door, roll-up doors, garage doors.
Working catapults, and deflector shields, funnels.
It can drop anchor and raise it, all controlled by the player.
You can drive a carrier.

There are few spawn sequences for the carrier:

Deck fighter jets spawn in the cargo bay. Airtug with worker gets them to the elevator. The elevator goes up to the deck, and the pilot drives to catapult, the deflector shield goes up, the deck air worker gives the go-ahead, the plane takes off with catapult and vapor — all above for player and NPC.
You can spawn in a tank in the cargo bay, and the driver would drive to the elevator, get down the elevator and board the LCAC.

The mod’s original config is more suitable for air combat, and I can fly for 10+ minutes without being hit. If you spawn as a bomber, then the air and ground warfare is much more straightforward.
The mod works with more than 200 models. So you can change your favorites to less destructive or more durable ones in the mod menu. You can also set how many jets, helicopters, and surface vehicles you need in the same menu.
When you take off from the military base, look back all the time, then the lazer won’t spawn.

If you want different controls, just change them in the settings.json:

You need to install these first:

Script Hook V
OpenIV 4.0
Gameconfig (1.0.2060.0) for Limitless Vehicles V21.0
CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster 1.0.1
HeapAdjuster 1.0
Packfile Limit Adjuster 1.1
US Navy LCAC Hovercraft 1.0 (Required for boarding sequence)
KC-135R Stratotanker 1.0 (Required for refueling)

Next, install the Carrier model:

1. Copy the “carrierdf” folder, which is in the “Carrier” folder, to “Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks.”

2. Using OpenIV edit Grand Theft Auto V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.txt add this line in the bottom:

< Item >dlcpacks:\carrierdf\< /Item >

Next, install the mod:

1. Copy the “Dogfight” folder, “Dogfight.asi,” “irrKlang.dll,” to the “Grand Theft Auto V” game folder.

2. If you want to play with all the supported models, follow the instructions in “Models\ReadMe.txt.”


I’ll greatly appreciate any feedback you have about the mod and what needs to be improved.
If you have an issue with the mod, send me the log file using right after it crashes.
Do not close the error dialog before copying the log. Log overwrites each run.
Dogfight.log is in the Grand Theft Auto V / Dogfight / folder.



Model authors: El Creador (Thank you for all the help with the carrier!), ApacheSS, CANAL EMBRAER GTA, Dragon777, fantazerrnd,
FoxtrotDelta, Foxunitone, JohnMc, Hong Yi Team, Motors Garage, nathanjamesddg151, Stripemcr, Shadow Stormtrooper, SkylineGTRFreak, Voltrock.

Special thanks: IronLad for help with testing the mod.

Download mod

File File size
zip Dogfight 167 MB

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