Doomsday 1.1

Doomsday 1

Set during Act 3 of The Doomsday Heist, Doomsday is set four years after the events of Grand Theft Auto V and follows Michael, Trevor, and Franklin as they are reunited after assassination attempts by Avon Hertz. The Unholy Trinity now find themselves working with the IAA to stop Avon from starting World War III, fighting on a separate frontline from the Online Protagonist.

– Download and extract MissionMaker to your scripts folder.
– Extract folders from into the missions folder, which is inside of your MissionMaker folder.
– Download Script Hook V and ScriptHookVDotNet and drop them into your root folder.
– Download and drop EnableAllInterior.dll & EnableAllInterior.ini into scripts. Set all interiors in EnableAllInteriors.ini to true.
– If you haven’t already, in ScriptHookVDotNet.ini, set ReloadKey=None to say ReloadKey=Insert. If not, the interiors will not load.
– Download Add-on Vehicle Spawner and drop it into your root folder.

Script Hook V
Script Hook V .NET
Mission Maker
Enable All Interiors
Add-on Vehicle Spawner
Spawn MP Vehicles in SP (optional)

– In some missions, helicopters and other aircraft may spawn across the map from their original spawn location. This is a bug with Mission Maker.
– Sometimes, if there are a lot of peds in one area, some peds have a small chance of dropping their weapons and becoming idle. This is also a bug with Mission Maker.

1.1 – Fixed Lockdown objectives so the player can enter the interiors properly.



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