Enhanced Cruise Control/Speedlimiter 2.9b

Enhanced Cruise Control/Speedlimiter 2.9b

Highly customizable Cruise Control without strange handling or flying cars, unlike other existing cruise control mods! You won’t find anything like this on this website. Also works with motorcycles, bikes and boats.

This mod features an ingame menu, where you can change a lot of things!

After i finished my military service, I were able to continue this mod, and add some of the features, some people requested. And here it is….!


• Realisitic behavior
• Different CC modes
• Disengage conditions
• Event update mode
• Smooth automatic acceleration
• Auto accelerator throttle in %:
• Units
• Target speed inc-/decrement steps
• Save settings
• Overtaking/race mode
• Changeable keyboard-controls in in-game menu!
• Changeable controller/gamepad- controls in in-game menu!
• Lock current speed
•Engage in Gas release
•Translate your own language


CC modes:
Choose between 2 different modes for the CC or disable it. The 2 modes are Speedlimiter which limits your maximum speed at the target speed, and Automatic, where your vehicle automatically accelerates to your desired target speed(not needed to press the acceleration key!).

Disengage conditions:
Choose when CC should disengage automatically. There are 4 options:
Disengage when you manually operate the gas, for example if you want to continue driving manually.(only active in Automatic mode).
Disengage when you use the brakes, for example when you are in a dangerous situation.
Disengage when you use the handbrake.
Disengage when you collide with anything. Useful when you crash into something while racing.

Event update mode:
Informs you about status changes, e.g. that the CC engaged, or that the target speed has been changed or what caused CC to disengage. So basically you enable the subtitle messages with this option.

Smooth automatic acceleration:
Normally vehicles accelerate on full throttle with the Automatic CC mode, but with this option enabled, you can accelerate a lot smoother and not at full throttle. Your vehicle will accelerate with throttle value in %, which you can change in the next feature.
Auto accelerator throttle in %:
If you have enabled the previous option, your car will accelerate with the the throttle value in percent you selected here. You can change the %, because every vehicle is different, and some people, like myself, have mods installed, which change the vehicle acceleration and Vmax. Gives you the possibility to accelerate very smooth and not with burnouts, or basically acts as launch control

Choose between 3 different units for the CC:km/h, mph and m/s.

Target speed inc-/decrement steps:
The steps in which you increase the target speed. Available are 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100.

Engage on gas release:
If this option is activated, CC will automatically engage after you release the gas (accelerator) key, and will take your current speed as target speed. Only works with the Automatic CC mode.

Save settings:
Save your settings to the INI file, to play with the same settings on the next startup of the game.

Toggle overtaking/race mode:
Disable the target speed to accelerate over the target speed, without completely disabling the CC or changing the target speed. This can be done with the assigned key. Numpad 5 is default (changeable in the INI File). This feature is useful for overtaking maneveurs because you don’t have change the target speed or disabling the complete CC. This also can be used for sick automatic acceleration, where the target speed is infinite.

Lock current
If you press the assigned key/button, the CC will engage like normal, but the current target speed will be current speed of the vehicle. (More IRL behavior of the CC….)

Use smooth cruise control
Feature in Miscellaneous menu. This feature works like a real CC (which uses a PID controller) and provides a more realistic CC feeling. It removes the strange feeling which feels like a invisble wall spawns in front of your car after you reach target speed. Automatic mode calculates how much throttle needs to be applied to reach the target speed and speedlimiter cuts the throttle after you reach target speed. The target speed of this feature is just a bit unprecise. Disable to get the old CC mod feeling like with the versions before, but it is worth a try 🙂

• Open the in-game menu:
• Engage/Disengage cruise control:
NUMPAD DELETE” (Comma key or Decimal point key)
• Increase target speed by selected step:
• Decrease target speed by selected step:
• Toggle overtaking/race mode(read features for explanation):
• Lock current speed(read features for explanation):
Multiply key(NUMPAD)

Navigate through the menu with the arrow keys. Select with Enter and go back with Backspace.

All controls are changeable in the INI-file under the KEYS section!

Change keyboard controls in the in-game menu!
You also don’t like annoying INI editing with virtual key codes? This days are gone! Change the controls in the in-game menu! Select the the key you want to change in the “Key assignment” menu, then press the new key, and confirm the following dialog with the Y-key, if you really want to reassign the key, or discard changes with the N-key. (See screenshots)

• Open the in-game menu:
Left Shoulder(LB) + DpadDown
• Engage/Disengage cruise control:
A button
• Increase target speed by selected step:
LeftThumbStick Up
• Decrease target speed by selected step:
LeftThumbStick Down
• Toggle overtaking/race mode(read features for explanation):
Left Shoulder(LB) + B button
• Lock current speed(read features for explanation):
Left Shoulder(LB) + RS Down

Navigate through the menu with DPad. Select with the A button and go back with the B button.

Change controller/gamepad controls in the in-game menu!
You also don’t like annoying INI editing with virtual key codes? This days are gone! Change the controls in the in-game menu! When you select a function in the control assignment menu, you aer prompted to hold the controls you want to assign to this function for 4 seconds. Do this, and voila, controls changed! (See screenshots)
There is an option, where you can completely disable controller input. (if you have mods, which use other controller/gamepad buttons)

The default language of this mod is english. You can add your own translation. Just copy the file “ENG.ini” inside “scripts\CC.NET\language” and name it as you want. To load that language file, edit the option “LANGUAGE = ” inside the file scripts\CC.NET\CC.NET_Config.ini.
Inside your language ini you can translate how you like it. Be careful with the special characters of your written language.

The following languages translations are currently part of this mod:

• Portugese/Brazilian by Krazy
• German by myself (Austrian is like German)
• French by TheSigui


the folder CC.NET with its content:
the folder language with its content:
into your scripts directory.

into your main game GTA V directory where GTA5.exe is located.

Just follow the instructions of the ZIP!

The XInput DLLs are librarys to support controller/gamepad input, and are mandatory to use this mod without errors!

.NET Framework
Visual C++
Native UI for the in-game menu

Thx to the users:
big dude
John Snow
Jon Do


Kryo4lex, Krazy, TheSigui

Download mod

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