Simple Cruise Control 1.2

Simple Cruise Control 1.0 beta

What is it:
This mod add Cruise Control to your GTA5. Cruise Control, in real life, allows you to keep your speed constant without pressing the accelerator.

How does it work:
By default when you press the keyboard key C it opens a menu where you can simply activate cruise control. When you enable cruise control it sets automatically your current speed as constant. There are 2 other functions: colliding disable cruise and automatic mode. The first one, if checked, disable automatically cruise control when you collide with something, the second one, if checked, disable cruise control automatically when you accelerate or brake.
You can change the defaults in the INI file.

Put all the files in the RAR into your GTA5 scripts folder. If you don’t have it create it manually.

Reccomended mods:
Manual transmission
Real engine brake



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