Speed Limit Cruise Control [.Lua] v6.0

Speed Limit Cruise Control [.Lua] v2.0

Soft & Buttery Smooth (Speed Limit Based) Cruise Control by JayMontana36

Disclaimer: your game language ***MUST*** be set to English for this to work.

Ever wish that you could better control or limit your vehicle’s speed and drive at the speed limit for the road that you’re currently on or the area that you’re currently in? Ever wish that this could/would be done in a somewhat pretty realistic (and buttery smooth) way/manner rather than instantaneous and abrupt? Ever wish that outside sources or forces (aka gravity and/or some random AI deciding that they would like to ram you in the back) could still cause your vehicle to go beyond the speed/cruise limit? Well hey, here you go lol.

How it works – by default, the toggle button is bound to your “INPUT_VEH_DUCK” button, aka control index 48, the button that you use to duck in/on a vehicle; on controller with the swap handbrake option enabled in your game settings, that button would be X for PlayStation or A for Xbox, on controller with default game settings that button would be R1 for PlayStation or RB for Xbox, on keyboard that button would be X.

This script requires ScriptHookV and JM36 Lua Plugin.

Put “VehicleSpeedLimitCruiseControl.lua” into your JM36 Lua Plugin “ScriptsDir-Lua/Modules” directory.
Put “VehicleSpeedLimitCruiseControl.ini” into your JM36 Lua Plugin “ScriptsDir-Lua” directory (and edit it) if you want to change the keybind to something other than duck.



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