FleecaBankAccount MOD 1.2

FleecaBankAccount MOD 1.0

*Fleeca Bank Mod*
*By HKH191 X Yaphy21
Special Thanks to Hkh191 for teaching and helping me build this mod
This is my first mod so there maybe a bug if you found buga please comment and respect
This is modified Hkh191’s mobile money vault mod



Everyday 1% tax will be deducted in your stored money in bank.

If you’re deposited value is more than $1,000,000 you will get fleeca vip membership which is $20,000 dollar is added to your account everydy
Everyday government will give you $5 for citizen paycheck.
You can configure the withdraw tax in the .ini file


Drag and drop BankAccount.dll and BankAccount.ini in your scripts folder.

[How to use bank]

THERE ARE 6 dollar sign blip in your map you can see a marker there and you can deposit money and withdraw high amount of money there
Because in atm machine you can only withdraw max $9,000 and you cant deposit money in atm machines anymore.

[How to use Atm machines]

Just simply walk in the front of atm machines and press O
There you can in the menu. Check balance, withdraw, and logout
Dont forget to logout before closing the menu or else you will be stuck if you stuck just press O key again and choose log out

Use Character Swap for Addon Peds



Download mod

File File size
zip BankAccount 2 MB

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