Realistic Reload 1.0.7

Realistic Reload 1.0.7

This is a simple script I made which modifies the default weapon- handling behavior so that the player must manually reload his weapons. It also fixes a bug (feature?) in the games ammo inventory system which makes weapons reload themselves when they are put away or swapped. Basically, the player becomes solely responsible for managing their ammo inventory. Ammo in a clip will not change until it is depleted through firing the weapon or reloaded manually via the reload key. No more ‘pocket- reloading’ of weapons stored in the inventory. Weapons with an empty clip also show a reload prompt and make a ‘dry fire’ sound when they are fired.

Installation is simple, as always. Drag the included files to your game directory.

Also ensure you have the following prerequisites installed:
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2015)

Since this just modifies the existing weapon behavior, there are no explicit usage instructions. Just install it and use weapons as you normally would.

Known Issues (to- do)
Some weapons still reload when placed in the inventory
Reload sound will loop infinitely if the player holds reload while their weapon has no stored ammo



Download mod

File File size
rar ManualReload 54 KB

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