LSIA – Airport Operations Pack 1.0

LSIA - Airport Operations Pack 1.0

If you feel like your job is boring, useless, indescript, vague and unimportant – Don’t worry, Airport Operations will always be worse than you. No one knows why, what or how they do half the things they do, they just do them. Shooting birds, Yep. Clearing Debris, Sure. Stopping suicidal maniacs from jumping off of the airport parking lot, Definitely. Underpaid, underappreciated and unnoticed, what a life.


Redtail – Computer, Vehicle Textures, FedSig CVPI Lights, MX7000/Valor Edits, Wiwang Controllers, Aviation Radio,
actuallytoxic – Vapid Stanier, Vapid Scout, FedSig Micropulses, Siren Box, Scout Sentina, Fugitive Go Rhino, Stanier Go Rhino, Various Antennas, FedSig Controller, Centre Console, Spotlights
JacobMaate – Federal Signal Valor, Vapid Stanier Edits, Vapid Scout Interior
GCT – Original Vapid Scout
Nachtfliege – Vapid Scout Edits, Vapid Scout Sounds
11John11 – MX7000 Vista, Fugitive Edits
DiPierro – Los Santos City Seal

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File File size
zip Redtail LSIA Operations 19 MB

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