Vanilla Expanded: World [VE:DGA addon] 1.0

Vanilla Expanded: World [VE:DGA addon] 1.0

IMPORTANT NOTE: VE:W is a VE:DGA addon so you’re required to have VE:DGA before installing VE:W

Before installing the mod, make sure you have VE:DGA installed. And to install the mod, just drop the folders in the correct location, add “dlcpacks:/vew/” in dlclist.xml


-Appropriate DLC vehicles will now spawn in traffic
-New vehicles such as a civilian version of the New-Gen Stanier, Esperanto, Clean Bodhi and more!
-New peds that will spawn walking ambiently
-Vanilla vehicle improvements such as the taco and pounder having more liveries
-Traffic is now rebalanced using VE:DGA traffic as a base


Vanilla Expansion Team

-AlexanderLB: Taco liveries

Download mod

File File size
zip VEW [1.0] 42 MB

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