Vanilla Expanded: Dispatch, Gang and Action V4.3.2

Vanilla Expanded: Dispatch, Gang and Action 3.0.2

VED is a mod that adds variety to the lore-friendly law enforcement. Giving you a new wanted system.

==What does VED have to offer==

-A new challenging wanted system written from scratch
-Law enforcement equipment will improve as your wanted level increases, expect to see snipers and juggernauts at 5 stars
-Law enforcement AI is improved such as making them be able to shoot from a longer distance
-A system when shooting a cop doesn’t give you immediately, doesn’t apply on ambient cops on stations or scenarios (due to limitations)
-Reworked law enforcement related ambience
-Multiple jurisdictions not seen in vanilla (SAHP, MW, NOOSE, USCG, MW-Humane Labs)
-Variety of vehicles and peds

-Each gang has a unique loadout
-Gang combat AI is improved, you can expect seeing gangsters carry their fallen homies to safety
-Their relationships with other gangs has been slightly reworked
-Their bravery towards law enforcement is slightly increased

-Brawling AI is now improved, so there is a 75 percent chance peds would fight you back
-Knocking out NPCs doesn’t kill them instantly and their props wouldn’t fall
-Law enforcement has a new tactical shooting style (beware of mods that changes weaponanimations.meta)
-Michael and model switching to law enforcement will hold guns more professionally such as them using NPC cover animations or holding LMGs properly
-Different movement styles in different law enforcement agencies or gangs

-Taxis will now spawn with multiple colors
-Civilian traffic uses more vehicles (not dlc vehicles unfortunately due to dlc vehicles having ghost drivers)
-Scientists spawning in the humane labs (instead of making the humane labs a merryweather outpost)

To install the mod, just drop the folders in the correct location, add “dlcpacks:/ved/” in dlclist.xml


To install the mod, just drop the folders in the correct location, add “dlcpacks:/ved/” in dlclist.xml
Also install the requirements: HeapAdjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster and Dilapidated’s Gameconfig to increase mod stability and avoiding crashes. Use DirectX 11 too so in that case there would be no weird textures.



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Download mod

FileFile size
rar VEDGA [4.3.2] OIV818 MB
rar LSSD ADDON [1.0] OIV117 MB

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