Vanilla Expanded: Dispatch, Gang and Action V3.2.4

Vanilla Expanded: Dispatch, Gang and Action 3.0.2

VED is a mod that adds variety to the lore-friendly law enforcement. Giving you a new wanted system.

==What does VED have to offer==

-A new challenging wanted system written from scratch
-Law enforcement equipment will improve as your wanted level increases, expect to see snipers and juggernauts at 5 stars
-Law enforcement AI is improved such as making them be able to shoot from a longer distance
-A system when shooting a cop doesn’t give you immediately, doesn’t apply on ambient cops on stations or scenarios (due to limitations)
-Reworked law enforcement related ambience
-Multiple jurisdictions not seen in vanilla (SAHP, MW, NOOSE, USCG, MW-Humane Labs)
-Variety of vehicles and peds

-Each gang has a unique loadout
-Gang combat AI is improved, you can expect seeing gangsters carry their fallen homies to safety
-Their relationships with other gangs has been slightly reworked
-Their bravery towards law enforcement is slightly increased

-Brawling AI is now improved, so there is a 75 percent chance peds would fight you back
-Knocking out NPCs doesn’t kill them instantly and their props wouldn’t fall
-Law enforcement has a new tactical shooting style (beware of mods that changes weaponanimations.meta)
-Michael and model switching to law enforcement will hold guns more professionally such as them using NPC cover animations or holding LMGs properly
-Different movement styles in different law enforcement agencies or gangs

-Taxis will now spawn with multiple colors
-Civilian traffic uses more vehicles (not dlc vehicles unfortunately due to dlc vehicles having ghost drivers)
-Scientists spawning in the humane labs (instead of making the humane labs a merryweather outpost)

To install the mod, just drop the folders in the correct location, add “dlcpacks:/ved/” in dlclist.xml


To install the mod, just drop the folders in the correct location, add “dlcpacks:/ved/” in dlclist.xml
Also install the requirements: HeapAdjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster and Dilapidated’s Gameconfig to increase mod stability and avoiding crashes. Use DirectX 11 too so in that case there would be no weird textures.



Download mod

File File size
rar VEDGA [3.2.4] 624 MB
rar For 3.2.3 users 10 KB

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