Weapons Addon Components 1.0

Weapons Addon Components 1.0

A set of addon attachments, primarily for use with the carbine rifle and other compatible weapons. Intended for use with Vom Feuer Tactical Carbine and my Combat Rifle .

List of attachments:
Compact Clip – 10 round magazine
Vietnam Clip – 20 round magazine
Omega Drum – Beta-C style drum mag
Bird Muzzle – Birdcage style muzzle device from Bullpup rifle
Carbine Muzzle – Carbine Rifle muzzle device
Iron sights set – For carbine and rifle length
Medium Scope – Modified Medium Scope to line up in first person

BE WARNED: The iron sights, muzzle devices and medium scope all require their vanilla files to be untouched, or at the very least include the vanilla textures that they draw from. If your attachments are having texture glitches, this is why.

To install, drag the ‘addcomp’ folder to your dlcpacks folder and add an entry to dlclist.xml under dlcpacks:/addcomp/

If you wish to add these attachments to the carbine rifle, or any other suitable weapon, then simply edit weapons.meta, search for the weapons section of the weapons.meta, then add new lines for the new components. Then enable the component with Simple Trainer for GTA V

Weapon Limits Adjuster


Rockstar Games – Source assets
Crower, kristofer – Screenshots
TheRaf3D1, HeySlickThatsMe, K1LLFANTASY – Help along the way

Download mod

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