FMShared Lite [Addon Components] V1.1

FMShared Lite [Addon Components] V1.1

FMShared addon weapon component mod that adds new attachments to FMShared compatible weapons. These modifications range from scopes, suppressors, stocks, magazines, and more, giving players more options when customizing their weapons.

Compatible With

SP Install
Drag fmsharedlite dlc folder into
(mods) > update > x64 > dlcpacks
Add the “fmsharedlite” to your dlclist.xml

For SP be sure to have these 3 limit adjusters installed, and the gameconfig
packfile limit adjuster
cweaponinfoblob limit adjuster
Gameconfig.xml for LML or manual install by RDE Team 2802

To spawn the weapon and attachments use Zolika’s trainer

FiveM Install
Put resource in resources folder and start, or ensure resource.



Download mod

FileFile size
rar FluffyMods FMShared Lite81 MB

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