Custom Muzzle Core Effects 2.0

Custom Muzzle Core Effects 1.4

This Mod started with Edits of the Military Rifle and Combat Shotgun.
My Goal was to combine the Flash Effects of the RPG, and its Color, with the Smoke Effects of the Navy Revolver. Thanks to Codewalker we can edit their YPT Files.

If you want this Effect on your Weapon use muz_xm_revolver
I included a little Tutorial and Metafiles of the Military Rifle and Combat Shotgun.

If you want to release a Weapon Mod based on this Effect, link to this Mod instead of uploading it again.

MvcGyver uses this Effect in his Mod
Install his Mod first and then my Mod to get the latest Muzzle Core Effect.

Big Thanks to dexyfex for CodeWalker
Without Codewalker this wouldnt be possible
Get the latest Release from his Discord

Thanks to sollaholla for his Forumpost about Weapons.meta Flags and Hashes
Thanks to Razed for his Weapon Edits in NVE

Packfile Limit Adjuster
Dilapidated Gameconfig

Kill Cam
Blood & Gore
Special Abilities Edits



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