More Realism Project (Construction, Wrecks, etc) 1.4

More Realism Project (Construction, Wrecks, etc) 1.4

This mod well be updated every while to provide more realism to the game, this mod is going to have realism across all highways and well be a project!


First of all remember to Backup your files!! (just in case. you never know…)
You can always load the map manualy with the Map Editor, but I recommend you drag the .XML file into a folder named “AutoloadMaps” in the “scripts” folder in the game Directory. If you don’t have this folder, simply create one, AFTER installing ScriptHook V .NET, inside your “scripts” folder in your game directory. After that, if you have successfully installed the required and recommended mods, the map should load it self when you enter the game.



Download mod

FileFile size
rar Realism V1.0-V1.436 KB

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