Batman 1989 WITH CLOTH.(Michael Keaton)

Batman 1989 WITH CLOTH.(Michael Keaton)

First of all, I want to clear out one thing, THIS IS FINALLY MY FIRST MODEL
and I’m so proud of that although I have to be honest none of that would have happened if not for my teacher/friend and master.

so really most of the – wow this great wow this is amazing it all for him honestly is an amazing teacher, and I’m glad that he and no one else taught me, how to make models like that, is probably reading it as well so YO BRO WE DID IT. thank you, man, for everything, ill see ya soon 😀

now me and him have more to do, we are planning head already I want to bring back batman, as a hoping that the matt reeves movie will be good.
and I think we need to see more of the bat family and some more suits with cloth, I’m gonna work hard, to make sure I can do those things because I really want, like, and want to do more.

Installation:(addon peds method) 1.Install this 2.Place the “Batman 1985” files from the Batman 1985(Michael Keaton).zip to
update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.RPF 3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add Batman 1985 in the list as STREAMED Male ped.

and pleas, since I see that a lot pleas don’t ask me for any requests PLEASE I’m still learning, its the first model that I have ever made so please let me at least get good at it.

“I am now a student and coming partner to TheFuumaSage, Bringer of Cloth”
ok, that’s all I have to say enjoy guys and hope you like as much as we did we really worked hard on that, but it was worth every god damn moment. enjoy.0

changed the body textures, and a new different cape if you want the old one and do not like this one or you prefer the old one just download the one version before this one it will be below the big DOWNLOAD button just go down and you will see it.


MTN4456 & TheFuumaSage

Download mod

File File size
rar Batman1989 65 MB

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