The Humane Labs Job 1.0

The Humane Labs Job 1.0

Thanks to Mcal9909 and HKH191 for assisting with this project because I’m small brain and they are big brain so I cant do huge projects without them on some parts or most so give them the love they deserve.
And thanks to MichaelMan24-Helped on Thumbnail creation.

This Is not the actual humane lab’s heist but a little job related to such a topic.
This is an idea from someone in my discord server named coq

You fight your way into humane labs and get the data and deliver it to the buyer. pretty simple but the payout is 400 to 500 thousand bucks random. there are 2 cutscenes that stand and they are in working condition and don’t float in mid-air *cough* *cough* doomsday heist first cutscene lmao. If you encounter a bug please don’t hesitate to contact me via discord and we can sort it out.

To install you need to place the dll and pdb files into the scripts folder
you also need enable all interiors

Base Release
2 cutscenes
normal ai guards



Download mod

File File size
rar The Humane Labs Job 14 KB

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