Retro Emergency Vehicles Pack: The Windy City Addon v. 1.4.1 ( 90’s )

Retro Emergency Vehicles Pack: The Windy City Addon v. 1.4.1 ( 90's )

Retro Emergency Vehicles Pack – a set of global DLCs for GTA V which replace modern vanilla police cars with real life and game analogues from the 70-s, 80-s and 90-s. Mod was developed in a DLC format with a pretty easy installation. This pack features lots of legendary cars like Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Caprice, AMC Matador & Ford Crown Victoria. You can get them by spawning via a trainer, using RDE’s reworked dispatch system or calling for backup in LSPDFR Backup Menu.

Pack includes:
1. 6 DLC archives with cars
2. 6 popgroups.ymt
3. 6 backup.xml for LSPDFR 0.3

gameconfig.xml is presented for GTA V 1.0.1493.1 and older.
Use RagePluginHook for creating game version backup and avoid R* update which don’t support ScripthookV . Backup creating is take only 5-10 minutes of your time and require only 1-2GB of free space on HDD.Other variant – when new R* patch is released – try some of that gameconfig. Choose the most actual gameconfig.xml variants from this list.
For fixing possible ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_ALLOC errors – use Heap Limit Adjuster.
Don’t forget to install Spawn MP vehicles in SP (Heap Limit Adjuster (650 MB of heap!)) (for correct work of popgroups.ymt).


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