NextGen Shader 2.5 [OIV]

NextGen Shader 2.5 [OIV]

From The Creator Of “Vision ENB” For GTA IV & Next Gen Shader 2.0″ For GTA V, Comes A New Pearl On The Shore. I Herby Present You The Next Big Thing – Next-Gen Shader 2.5
[Nxt-Gen Shader.] Is A Massive Visual Overhual For GTA V Bringing New And Different Reflections On Vehicles. Matching Real Life, Thanks To The New Re-Built Timecycle.


Nxt-Gen Is Not, I “Repeat” Not, Your Average Sunny Colorful L.A Look. But An Personal Taste. So Please Don’t Bug Me About Changing It For Your Preference.


⇨ New Timecycle Build From Bottom
⇨ New Vehicle Reflections
⇨ New Sharper and more Noticeable Shadows
⇨ New Corona Light For Vehicles
⇨ Realistic Emergency Lights
⇨ Smooth & Stable Performance
⇨ Compatible With Five M
⇨ Dark Night On “Clear” Weather


Please Read ” How To Install” in Downloaded File


Remove all the files previously installed from your main GTAV root folder
Use Backup To Restore x64a and Visuals

“Nxt-Gen Is Recommended To Play On Ultra Settings With 8x MSAA, On A “4K” Monitor”


Blomst – For making Nxt-Gen Shader 2.5
Quesh – Blue Water Config
Rocstar Games – GTA V

Download mod

FileFile size
rar Nxt-Gen Shader 2.5583 KB

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