Radio Realism FR V1.9.1.4

Radio Realism FR V1.9.1.4


This plugin adds small but detailed enhancements to LSPDFR to improve your gameplay experience.

Officer Responds with radio animation and voice ( fast selection of officer’s male voice by pressing Alt + Y )

Added Officer reports suspect killed on live taking down (during pursuits)
Added animations on ped’s ID look up 
Now the animation can be finally stopped with also B key (instead the previous only Back & Esc keys)
Added officer respond animation from police vehicle (only in police vehicles)
[NEW] Added voice report with radio animation when suspect visual is lost longer
[NEW] Added the “heli have no visual” radio reporting while in helicopter when suspect is lost longer.
Improved Suspect Escaped event radio update by dispatch.
Added “Code 4 adam” in audio folder when a suspect escape.
[NEW] For those who use UB partner: Added Copilot’s helmet (latest EUP public release) spawn when in helicopter (pressing Alt + Y )
[NEW] For those who use UB partner: Added a fix to avoid UB partner to be reported by default LSPDFR crime report/call in pursuit. This avoid your UB partner, turned into a suspect, flees from you.
[NEW] Added possibility to stop multiple peds on foot flashing the badge.
[NEW] Added Fort Zancudo alarm auto trigger when a pursuit starts inside the military base.
[BONUS CALLOUT] Callout based on Hydra GTA Online mission.

[ADDED and CURRENTLY WIP] Enhanced Pursuit Updates (car model, speed, heading and position , suspect killed or arrested), no more silent pursuits.
[IMPORTANT] You need to UPDATE the scanner audio folder with ones given in the download for a correct audio reproduction while in game.
[ENHANCED] “Suspect Visual Lost” and “Suspect Killed” report system (dispatcher replies to player when visual is lost, improved gameplay).
[ADDED] Air Unit auto dispatched when visual is lost, to help the player in the search without manually require air support (works only while playing as land unit).
[FIXED] Copilot helmet in heli also for female partner (ALT+Y while in helicopter with UB partner male or female).

If you encounter a missing audio file while playing

E.g. => file not found: MODEL_ELEGY2 => you can copy MODEL_ELEGY_01 an rename it to MODEL_ELEGY2_01

 REQUIRED to play all street names (100% existing streets of SA): LSPDFR True Dispatch-All SA street names

EUP walkie talkie
Megaphone UI – LSPDFR Plugin



Download mod

File File size
rar OfficerporciPlugin 17 MB

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