Medical Response San Andreas (MRSA) Pack V1.1

Medical Response San Andreas (MRSA) Pack

A complete overhaul of emergency medicine in San Andreas, with entirely new ideology behind it, new peds, new lore-friendly vehicles for every purpose, scratch-made parts, seamless blend into game world with map edits, vehicle spawners, dozens of handcrafted ambient scenarios and improved emergency dispatch system for EMS.
Full info, content overview, detailed installation guides, credits and disclaimers can be found in Manual.pdf inside the mod package.
Please leave your feedback, bug reports and support requests here in comments or in our Discord server, we’ll appreciate that!

Spawn names:

Installation instructions:
1. Install all dependencies.
2. Install content from ‘Install’ folder, following detailed instructions in Manual.pdf
OpenIV users can benefit from semi-automated installation procedure by using included .oiv packages.
Codewalker users will have to do some .meta file editing.

Improved gameconfig.xml
Heap Adjuster
Packfile Limit Adjuster
Weapon Limits Adjuster

Recommended additions:
SirenSetting Limit Adjuster 2.0 or higher for better emergency lighting effects and patterns. MRSA Pack makes use of its new 32 siren bones feature.
Dynamic Lighting System for greater control over lighting patterns and siren tones

Known issues:
– Stretcher floats in the air when used for LSPDFR plugin StopThePed (or Ultimate Backup, idr)
– Landstalker is branded incorrectly in Manual


Nacho – Custom assets, compilation, texture work, assembly, peds, map edits
w/ aka. Weeby – Custom assets, compilation, texture work, assembly, ambient events, sounds
TGStig – Speedo Express model
Fenton – Original Swift model edits
11john11 – Roof antennas
Crizby – Liveries, textures
AlexanderLB – Decals, textures

Special thanks to:
LoreHub community for support, feedback, beta-testing and being good boys lately
dexyfex and other Codewalker contributors, researchers and developers
Monky for his sound research and documentation

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Download mod

File File size
zip MRSA Pack 1.1 SP 69 MB
zip MRSA Pack 1.1 FiveM 56 MB

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