Drive IV (Realistic Handling for IVPack) V2.8

Drive IV (Realistic Handling for IVPack) V2.5

This mod follows in the footsteps of my vanilla cars handling mod Drive V ( The handling is more similar to IV than V, but without some of the drawbacks to IV: large turning circles, the inability to power oversteer, too much body roll and such. I’ve also fixed what I felt were drawbacks to V, like the extreme tire grip and braking, darty movements, popping onto curbs, downforce where not appropriate, lack of body roll and so on.

– Vehicle cabin deformation enabled
– Level of deformation similar to IV
– Downforce disabled from all but supercars
– Scaled top speeds
– Popping onto curbs disabled
– Realistic suspension behavior
– New paint colors with greater variety
– Auto-brake disabled

Highly recommended: Download ZolikaPatch to allow more diversity in color spawning. I found that 90 percent of the time, only the first two or three colors would spawn and you’d almost never see anything beyond that.

This mod was designed to be used with ikt’s InversePower mod (for power oversteer) and ENB (for cabin deformation). Please download them and use the settings in the installation readme for the proper experience:

inversepower (Note: Download version 1.1.3)


Known issues: Both Yankee versions have issues built into the models that I cannot fix. The Futo hatchback’s headlights don’t flip up.



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