GTA5: Unlimited Driving ReDefined Handling Mod [SP / FiveM] 1.8.7 Feature-Update

GTA5: Unlimited Driving ReDefined Handling Mod [SP / FiveM] 1.8.7 Feature-Update

-7th and 8th Gears have been removed due to the Rage engine not able to actually realize that you should be going faster in these gears
-also Rage engine thinks transmission tuning means adding an extra gear to it rather than shorting shift times
-This means Cars that would have 7/8 speed transmissions normally are now limited to 6
-Which also also means you shouldn’t purchase transmission upgrades as they’ll most likely nerf your top-speed
-Top speeds may not be 100% spot on to their real life counter parts
-Cars that “pop-up” wheelie unrealistically, I’m still working on the right numbers
-You may come to a sudden stop at high speeds if you have “auto repair” enabled in any trainer
-Grotti x80 Proto has no downforce, idk why it just won’t work

– Manual Transmission
Inverse Power

My “Recommended” Setting:
Power = 100
Torque = 100
Angle = 0
Speed = 0
Slope = 0
Deadzone = 0

and vStancer
recommended for MAXIMUM experience
-issa Pista and that’s a GEMREA consumer methanol cars aren’t real not even in Los Santos
-Start slow and work yourself up to the Sleeper/Super/Hyper Cars
-Motorcycles are DEADLY


**Game will crash if not installed correctly, always keep back-ups**
***trying to use a FiveM version in single player WILL crash your game***

Single player:

0. Pick a version, You’ll be able to change the handling.metas after initial setup

1. Launch OpenIV and navigate to
replace the Handling.meta with the one included in the “Part 1” folder

2. then go to
replace the vehicles.meta in there with the one from the “Part 1” folder

2.3. then copy the vehicles.meta from the “Part 1.3” folder to
and replace the vehicles.meta in there

2.6. after that copy the vehicles.meta from the “Part 1.6” folder to
and replace the vehicles.meta in there as well

3. Now Grab the Handling.meta from the “Part 2” folder and copy that to
replace the one that was in there

4. And Finally take the Vehicles.mete from the “Part 2” folder copy it over to
to replace the one located in there


Optional A.I.: install to “Mods\common.rpf\data\ai” and replace “vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta”

FiveM Server:

If you have any of the DLC vehicle addon packs remove ‘vehicles.meta’ and ‘handling.meta’ lines from their respective _resource.lua, Also set this higher than the DLCs in your load order

0. Pick a version
1. Drop it into your “resource” folder
2. add “start YOURCHOICE” to your server config
3. Enjoy!
Optional/bug fix:If LS Customs doesn’t work you’ll need the carcol.meta copy both files out of the carcol folder and put them in your unlimited resource

**Special Thanks to**
the OpenIV team
FiveM team
Alexander Blade
ikt for vStancer and Manual Transmission
sjaak327 for Simple Trainer
Josh Answers
Friends willing to test
and players like you

“Dude, I can’t wait till you put this out”
“This is how it should’ve been”
“This reminds me of Midnight Club”
“Bro this sh*t is immaculate”
“Every car is actually….fun”


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