GTA V Complete Driving Overhaul V1.5

GTA V Complete Driving Overhaul 1.3

What this mod does:
– Most of the cars are only slightly faster in a straight line for gameplay purposes. If your looking for realistic high speeds I recommend the mod by Quincunx (Arcade-Realism Handling).
– Cornering is generally slower, cars can understeer and oversteer.
– Offroading Cars have less grip and slide more.
– Suspension is as realistic as I can set it.

This mod works with Mouse and Keyboard (most of the testing and real time editing was done on the keyboard), but its meant for the Controller to modulate steering, accelerator and breaking.

Install Manual Transmission 5.5.1 By IKT
Install Inverse Torque 3.0 by Eddlm
OpenIV and Run the OIV. Installer
(Important that you) Replace 2 files from Manual Transmission, instructions on the readme.

Recommended Mods:

-Immersive Ignition Revived
-EngineBlaster By any333
-Trafic Plus Lore-Friendly 3.0
-Motion Blur Mod 1.3b

Recommended Mods to Avoid Crashes:

Gameconfig by Dilapidated
Packfile Limit Adjuster
Weapon Limits Adjuster



Download mod

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